HR Consultancy

UAE Labour Law Guidance:

Offer in-depth consultations on the UAE Labour Law, helping businesses understand their rights and obligations towards their employees.

Compliance Audits:

Conduct comprehensive audits of HR policies and practices to ensure they are in full compliance with local labor laws and regulations.

Legal Updates and Implementation:

Keep businesses informed about the latest labor law updates and assist in implementing necessary changes in their HR practices.

Gratuity Calculation:

Provide accurate calculations of end-of-service gratuity in accordance with UAE Labour Law, ensuring businesses allocate the correct funds for their employees' entitlements.

Policy Development:

Assist in developing clear policies regarding gratuity calculations, payments, and disputes, aligning with legal requirements and best practices. Dispute Resolution: Offer mediation and negotiation services to resolve labor disputes amicably, minimizing the need for legal proceedings.

Workforce Restructuring Legal Support:

Advise on the legal considerations of workforce restructuring, including redundancies and layoffs, ensuring compliance with labor laws.

Employee Handbook and Contracts:

Assist in drafting and reviewing employee handbooks and contracts to ensure they are comprehensive, clear, and compliant with UAE labor laws.

Expat and Immigration Compliance:

Offer guidance on immigration laws and regulations affecting expatriate employees, including visa requirements, work permits, and sponsorship laws.

By incorporating these specialized services, Genius Business Men Services positions itself as a comprehensive resource for businesses navigating the complexities of employment relations and labor law in Dubai. This approach not only helps businesses maintain legal compliance but also supports a positive and fair workplace environment, ultimately contributing to the overall success and sustainability of the organization.