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Hassle-free digital records keeping at your fingertips

Genius' CRM software originated with the goal of simplifying the tasks of PRO service providers on various scales. The software offers complete life cycle PRO management and HR solutions for your company needs. It effectively digitises all the records-keeping needs of your business, saving you manpower hours and costs.

Staff Management and Order Tracking

Simplifying the tedious process of monitoring orders, the software has an in-built tracking system for both the client and the service provider. The tracking system provides constant progress notifications on a placed order, thus streamlining the process for everyone. Additionally, company Management and HR have easy access to all staff documents anywhere, anytime.

Digitized PRO Services

The challenge for large companies with bigger PRO teams is centralisation. Genius' CRM software is the cost-effective solution for hassle-free PRO processes. The team can work on any orders from a central system and database, effectively reducing human error to minimum. Any important pending processes or documents that need to be cleared will be tracked by the system, decreasing the likelihood of mishaps by the PRO team.

Automated Financial Processes

Track your company invoices and orders from a central system. Avoid fiscal mismatch through automated procedures and records that constantly monitor your daily company financials. Let Genius CRM condense your efforts so you can focus on the critical portions of your business.

Furthermore, the software can also be developed as an efficient strategy in managing and storing information on leads. The purpose of a CRM system is to organize and archive all data related to the employees; the company implementing a CRM System gives businesses the tools to manage, measure, and improve processes.



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    Advanced security mechanism for authentication

    inculding Google Captcha and 2FA vertification system

  • Can Monitor Order Status Through Advanced Analytics

  • Management can monitor order trend by company in combination of multiple type of charts and data

  • Can connect your mailbox to access your emails within CRM

  • Client or Pro can create order based on requirement with integrated logic and algorithm

  • New order verification by following 5 essential flow Respond to client comments 2 step order processing through automated budgeting and invoicing 2 step order processing through automated budgeting and invoicing upload each and every documents during order processing upload transaction receipts that generates invoice through automated process

  • In this area client/pro can mange their respective companies and staff data that have capacity to maintain all the documents in one place

  • In this area client/pro can create projects or monitor the project progress in case they have any project with service provider

  • In this area user can report any system issues and that willbe addressed directly by IT team in oreder to resolve

  • In this area user can create ticket for order and project realted issues and can report directly to different department

  • In this area user can create quotation for clients based on the multiple requirements and send directly on client email through CRM

  • Interactive help portal for operational help that can be managed by contributors

  • In this area client/pro can create projects or monitor the project progress in case they have any project with service provider

  • In this area HR and Admin staff acn perform payroll operations like generate slary slips,manage leaves manage attendance etc

  • In this area management can setup target indicators for each department and give appraisal according to team achievements


Ordering Process from Client/ HR (BO)

All Accomplish in 4 Steps


Selection of company - Employee - Order type - Order Items



Upload Required Documents

Upload required Documents based on order and add additional info

Create or Verify Staff

Create Staff directly from this step in case of new visa or verify employee details in case of renewals. This step is auto excempted in case of non employee orders



Pre-Submission Verification

Verify order details selected in previous steps and select notification user email for email notification. Then submit for further processing


Good!!! to go as there is no more steps after step 4


Order Process for PRO

Everything based on automated process so that PRO can just focus on their tasks

Verify order credibility

PRO can verify orde structure and generate budget on on click if passes all five essential verification else can cancel or send back for nawakas



Create Payment Requests

PRO can create further payment requests that's based on automated budgeting system and finance will approve that requests for further processing

Type applications

PRO can further type application based on the approvals from finance



Upload applications

PRO can upload all the documents related to each automated steps based on the order and this will generate invoices + tracking + notifications

Complete Order

Once all steps done then PRO can move order to complete on just one click


Financial Verification

Finance department can verify generated usages and invoices in order to maintain intact collaboration

Verify and accept each step usages

Finance department can verify all the usages based on the approvals and uploaded receipts from PRO side from integrated verification area



Verify and finalize invoices

All the invoices generated through automated process based on the mapped masters although finance can verify the invoices and apply credit note as well in case of any variation

Bulk invoice downloads

Finance department can bulk download invoices and print for records or distribution




Finance department can verify usages through reports in order to verify any variations or for further recover / adjustment of excess amount against each usages

Post ledger Values

Further finance can post ledger values in accounting system based on the verified transactions