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Company setup requires a specific set of skillsand an understanding of the local market. It is critical to have comprehensive and up to date informationon the various legalities involved as every company has specific licenses and criteria that needs to be cleared at launch.

The professionals at Genius BS will assist you with their experience and have extensive knowledge ofbusiness setup requirements in Dubai. We have a full understanding of the documents, procedures and licenses required by thecorresponding ministries.

3 Types of Business Setup


The UAE offers business set up in various sectors of mainland areas with all the advantages of a highly developed economy. Its infrastructure and services match the highest standards, facilitating efficiency, quality, and service for businesses.

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Throughout the years, the freezone and mainland have attracted both new and experienced businessowners alike. Free Zone will be best for Foreigners who plan to set up business in various sectors of business.

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A business setup dubai UAE has the capacity and privileges for a natural person. Regulations have been framed to deliver the convenience and efficiency of global offshore locations while maintaining a high repute with international offshore.

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To run a company in Dubai, one must acquire a valid license from the government. Once a company is registered with DED, you are allowed to then conduct business in the local market without any restrictions. The Business Setup license types are

Professional License

Commercial License

Industrial License

Some activities may require additional approval from other ministries or different authorities

Establishment and Sole Proprietorship

An investor can set up an establishment with sole ownership they will have complete control over the firm. This proprietorship can be established for any major industry sector. Under the laws of the region, this firm will still have an acting service agent who needs to be a UAE national.

Civil Companies

Civil companies can be set up for business owners who hold professional qualifications in their respective fields of specialization. If you are qualified and licensed professional in specialized sectors including law, accountancy, medicine, engineering, and more, you can apply for civil company formation. It allows 100% ownership and offers access to the local market, but entails unlimited liability and a local service agent to be kept on retainer.

Forming a Limited liability company in Dubai (LLC)

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is an enterprise of flexible form that blends the elements of partnership and corporate structures. According to the law, total equity of 51% should be held by a U.A.E. national in any commercial company and must have 2 to 50 shareholders. Each of these shareholders is liable only to their share in the capital of the company.

Branch or Representative of a Foreign Company

A branch that will become an extension of a company or a business shall be subject to the laws of Dubai. The marketing and promotion of products will be carried under the same name, but cannot import goods into Dubai. The branch office will have an independent budget, with its own profit/loss statements and must appoint a UAE-accredited auditor.

EXPO 2020

For the past decade, the commercial growth of Dubai is reported to be an average of 11% every year. EXPO2020 is expected to generate over 250,000 new jobs. We are leaders in this rapidly growing market; we provide solutions for every need of new business venture, from start-up to promotion, endorsement, development, and growth of your company. Don’t miss out on your next big chance to start your business, contact Genius Businessmen to reap the rewards of EXPO2020.

Royal Zone

Royal Zone Business Centre aims to focus on the majority of people that are in-bound to Dubai by offering them an office solution which is suitable for needs. Our office setup service gives you the freedom to have an office in Dubai as per your requirements. We offer office spaces for rent in a well-known Business Centre, in Al Nahda, Dubai. Save on costs with our office spaces which are fully furnished with high standards of amenities, ready to use from the issuance of the tenancy contract.