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Company setup demands a skilled set of knowledge, and understanding of the local market of the UAE. It is very important to have comprehensive and up to date information, its legal form and main activity as every company has its benefits and demerits in Emirates.

The professionals at Genius BS are well-experienced and have extensive knowledge for Business Setup in Dubai. We have a full understanding of the structures, procedures and licenses required by government and ministry. UAE business startup laws are very flexible for a new venture; and provide a great economy and market to start

License Requirement for New Company in Dubai

To run a company in UAE, one must acquire a valid license from the government. Once a company is registered with DED then you are allowed to conduct business in local market without any restrictions. The Business Setup license types are

  • Professional License
  • Commercial License
  • Industrial License

Some activities may require approval from other ministries or different authorities. License Requirement for New Company in Dubai is a hectic procedure. The experts at Genius BS take all the worries from documents submission to approval for a business registration and provide a productive solution for your concerns.

Legal Form and Local sponsor for Dubai Company Incorporation

Within a Limited Liability Company (LLC), expat are not allowed to hold 100% of company share and there must be a local sponsor. A local sponsor will hold 51% percent of company’s share. But the profit and loss distribution is a separate contract.

The main legal & prior forms of Dubai Company Incorporation include

  1. 1) Establishment and Sole Proprietorship
  2. 2) The Commercial Companies you can chose from
    • General Partnership for business start up
    • Simple & Limited Partnership for new company
    • Joint (Participation) with locals
    • Limited Liability Company with specific capital investment
    • Partnerships which are Limited according to Shares
  3. Civil Companies
  4. Branch and Representative Offices

Forming a Limited liability company in Dubai (LLC)

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) an enterprise of flexible form that blends the elements of partnership and corporate structures. According to the law, a total equity of 51% should be held by a U.A.E. national in any commercial company and must have between 2-50 shareholders. Each of these shareholders is liable only to his or her share in the capital of the company.

Free zone Business Setup

To expatriate investors, a special economic zone offers tax free import/export activities and free custom duty benefits. Free Zones in Dubai and the UAE are designed for special framework of rules and regulations.

Branch or Representative of a Foreign Company

The branch will become an extension of the company and business shall be subject to the provisions of the laws of Dubai. The marketing and promotion of products will be carried under the same name, but cannot import goods into Dubai. The branch office will have an independent budget, with its own profit/loss statements and must appoint a UAE-accredited auditor.

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